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Seaside operations planning in container terminals

Short Description

Container terminals must serve calling vessel within short port stay times. Also, they have to utilize their resources efficiently to provide services at reasonable cost. This project considers three operational planning problems that can contribute to high service quality and low operational cost. The first problem is to allocate vessels to quay space (Berth Allocation Problem). The second problem is to assign quay cranes to berthed vessels (Crane Assignment Problem). The third problem is to schedule loading and unloading operations for the cranes (Crane Scheduling Problem). Up to now practitioners and researchers treat these problems one by the other in a sequential manner. Only little research has been done on the interdependencies and the resulting need for more appropriate solution methods. An integrated solution approach has to consider the berth allocation as well as the simultaneous assignment and scheduling of the scarce quay crane resource. This allows to aim at the service degree objective as well as at the resource cost objective. Since each of the single problems is mathematically hard to solve, we concentrate on developing efficient heuristic solution approaches for the integrated berth allocation and crane operations planning.

Conference activities

We have organized the EURO Summer Institute on Maritime Logistics 2012

We have organized and/or chaired streams and sessions on maritime logistics for the following conferences:


Selected Publications

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An assistance at the Northsea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH gave insight into  practitioners` work and knowledge.


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