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Emission-oriented management of land-based freight transports

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In general, freight transports are evaluated based on transport costs and travel time. The environmental impact, however, is mostly externalized raising more and more critique in public and opening new fields for research. For instance, recent studies indicate that emission-oriented and cost-oriented planning of road transports lead to quite similar results. In contrast, multimodal transportation offers large potentials for emission reduction if (elctrified) highly utilized train transports with with short drayage are organized. W.r.t. climate protection, multimodal transportation offers advantages which will more and more compensate its disadvantages w.r.t. cost, swiftness, and flexibility.

In this project methods for managing unimodal and multimodal transport systems considering cost, time, and environmental objectives are to be developed and tested. Therefore, three consecutive systems for coordinating offered and requested transport services are developed:

  1. a request acceptance system which dynamically negotiates the service conditions (price, time, emissions),
  2. a planning system which allocates the total emissions of the used transport services to the served requests, and
  3. a spot-market system offering remaining transport capacities to a spot market.

This allows evaluating the environmental impact of multimodal transport solutions and estimating the effect of climate policy regulations. Furthermore, conditions are identifed under which the advantages and disadvantages of unimodal and multimodal transports can be realized. Finally, the impact of quantitative approaches in green logistics can be evaluated.

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