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Supply Chain Management

Learning objectives

In this lecture, the following contents are considered:

  • Ability to analyze supply chains and multi-stage logistics systems
  • Understand, how successful companies develop and implement supply chain strategies
  • Understand principles and causal relations of coordination mechanisms of Supply Chains
  • Ability to model and solve quantitative inventory management problems of supply networks


Operations Management I: Supply Chain Management
Modulbeschreibung_SCM_14_08_2020_englisch.pdf (103.5 KB)  vom 20.04.2021


  • History and concepts of Supply Chain Management
  • Information systems for Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic network planning
  • Inventory management systems
  • Collaborative planning and contract design for Supply Chains


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  • Vahrenkamp, R.: Quantitative Logistik für das Supply Chain Management. München und Wien 2003


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