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Production management

Learning objectives

In this lecture, the following contents are considered:

  • Comprehension of structure and organisation of production processes
  • Ability to reflect profit contributions of production management in industrial companies and its integration in the companies logistics systems
  • Ability to develop and analyse business information and decision systems for material management and production management
  • Mastering quantitative models and methods for planning, optimization and simulation of industrial production processes


Production management
Modulbeschreibung_Produktionsmanagement_14_08_2020_englisch.pdf (103.6 KB)  vom 20.04.2021


  • Characterization of industrial production systems
  • Configuration and structure of ERP-systems
  • Production program planning and aggregated planning
  • Material requirement planning and lot sizing problems
  • Capacity planning and shop floor scheduling
  • Concepts of production control systems


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  • Master 5

Materials / Exams

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  • Old exams can be found in Klausurarchiv.